most of my pieces are inspired by pictures i find on the internet. the only notable exceptions to that rule are the robots, which were inspired by a series of japanese toy robots called robodachi. i start with a free hand drawing from the photo. after the initial sketch, depending on how well it came out,i often take pictures of the drawing to edit in photoshop. for a really complex drawing i might go back and forth several times, tweaking something on photoshop, then drawing on a printout and repeating the process again and again. when the sketch is finished i transfer it onto a nicer sheet of dry media paper. then i ink it with a fountain pen, and then shade it with charcoal, using a chamois cloth and smudge stick to add texture. occasionally, i use other tools like conte crayons or china markers. once i have a finished product i take it to boston photo, where they make a very high quality digital image using polarizing lights and a 300 megapixel camera. sometimes i make a few touchups to that final image on photoshop, and then i use my professional printer, an epson 3800, to print the images onto museo max paper, which is actually even nicer than the paper i do the originals on, and that's what you get if you buy a print off this site. if i wanted i could call them giclees, but that word makes me angry, because it sounds pretentious.